Eritrea's Chronic State of Impunity

Preface This report is a firsthand, clear and convincing evidence of crime of confession for the various gross human rights violations which have been committed so far by the Eritrean regime against innocent Eritreans. It is an epitome of miscarriage of justice in Eritrea; and a proof of chronic state of impunity in Eritrea. It is a situation where a monkey is judging in the affairs of a forest. In fact in this case there is no even a mock trial or a Kangaroo court. This report was orchestrated after the 'convicted' had already spent 8 years in hard prison. More

Readings in Politics and Government


These are some readings in politics and government which might help us to have a wider perspective in the field of governance and political advocacy. They are chosen according to their relevance to Eritrea; and as time goes by more will be added. In general reading will expose us to new things and improve our understanding. It guides us to make an important decision or an informed action. We gain experience of other people and communicate ideas. More

Socio-Political Opinions


These opinions are personal observations of the socio-political environment in Eritrea. They are commentary on a particular subject or online informational diaries. It is more of an organizational "SNEM" blog than a personal blog. They are contributions of different writers or bloggers. And as a blog each topic could be updated from time to time according to the upgraded knowledge of the writer in order to improve the quality of its content. More

Historical Documents


The following documents are historical in nature. They relate to the struggle for independence, better governance and rule of law in Eritrea. These documents are a must to read by anyone who desires to understand Eritreans struggle for freedom, democracy and good governance. And it could help us as a guide to have a proper knowledge on the socio-political conditions of past, present and future Eritrea. It will assist us in our aspiration to build a better and prosperous country which will accommodate the basic freedom of its citizens.

And this blog from time to time will add more crucial historical documents whenever it has an opportunity to access such materials. More